Trading caps

Below you can find the crowncaps that I want to trade:
tip: use the full-size-image-function to get a detailed view


 Belgian Caps 5  Belgian Caps 23
 Belgian Caps 6  Belgian Caps 12  Export8 Haacht



 Single set caps


!!! Caps from special or exotic countries can only be trade for caps of the same country or continent !!!

 exotic countries
 Argentina 1 - Argentina 2
 Austria 1
 Brasil 1 - Brasil 2
 Austria 2
 Cuba/Nicaragua/Costa Rica
 Czech Rep. 1  Egypt
 South Afrika/ Madagascar
 Belarus & Kazachstan
 Others 3
 Germany 5  Turkey  Others 4
 Germany 6  Ucraine  Others 5
 Germany 7    
 USA 1  
 USA 2  
 USA 3  

Please use the country number and the reference numbers to indicate the crowncaps in which you're interested. Mention also your website so I can take a look at the crowncaps you have to offer.